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This page contains our past guests who have helped us optimize and maximize our financial assets, which include anything and everything about our money, our investments, and all things financial. While we all know that a happy life is more than just about money, it makes things a whole lot more enjoyable if we know how to optimize this important asset. Go ahead and take a listen to the podcast's below and feel your financial wealth growing! ...

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Neil Senturia

Neil Senturia has re-invented himself several times in his relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

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Patrick Henry

Mr. Patrick Henry, President and CEO of Entropic, is a recognized leader in the connected home entertainment market.

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Paul Haarman & C.K. Gray

Paul Haarman, Host to the Shift Economy Radio Show and Romance Author, C.K. Gray sit down with Brian Britt to talk about how the longevity of the economy and how you can shift to find your dream job.

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Pete Garcia & David Malmuth

Pete Garcia and David Malmuth are partners at I.D.E.A. Partners, LLC. They have served as initiators of projects that have had substantial transformational impacts on the community and are part of a growing trend toward mixed-use developments.

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Richard Ledford

Mr. Ledford serves as a member of the United Way of San Diego County Board of Directors, the Naval Training Center Foundation Board of Directors, San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage Board of Directors, and Co-Chair of the Biocom Legislative Committee

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Robert W. Dudek

At the Blu Summit Real Estate Group we believe that everybody is a leader, regardless of the rank or position. We built our firm on the principles of Servant Leadership, which is all about serving those who we lead and focusing on the greater good.

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Sam Puma

Mr. Puma’s business approach is to start with income tax planning for businesses and individuals, to listen carefully to the client’s goals and to find solutions that address several goals at once.

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Scott Dennis

Scott Dennis is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of D&K Engineering, a San Diego-based engineering and manufacturing services firm.

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Sid Jacobsen

Sid Jacobsen is an estate planning attorney with over 35 years of success in meeting the planning needs of families, including efficiency and safety in current structuring and legacy planning.

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Tracey Gaines

Tracey Gaines, the TAXMAN, provides tax and accounting services to corporations, small businesses and individuals. His firm and services are customized to meet your individual needs and provide you with the convenience of working with one firm.

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