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Welcome to our directory of show guests. Here you will find the best and brightest thought leaders and critical thinkers that we have had the pleasure to know through the show. Take your time looking through this list of all-stars and enjoy the brilliance!

Featured Guests

Bryan Hertz

Bryan Hertz, CEO and Co-founder of Voxox, is a successful entrepreneur, bringing more than 20 years of experience in building companies and management teams, raising capital and driving technology innovation.

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Jeff Church

Jeffrey Church, Co-≠Founder and CEO of Suja Juice, has enjoyed a career of numerous successful entrepreneurial ventures, ranging from a multi-≠million dollar private equity firm to a socially conscious bottled water company.

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Dr. Kevin Lustig

Recently named one of the Pharmaceutical Industryís 100 Most Inspiring People by PharmaVoice Magazine, Kevin is a scientist-entrepreneur with 30 years of research experience in academia and pharma.

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Herb Johnson

Herb Johnson, President and CEO, puts his extensive executive experience to work leading the San Diego Rescue Mission, an organization that, literally day-by-day, makes the difference between life and death for many in our city.

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David Saltman

David Saltman is the Chairman & CEO of Malama Composites, Inc. and has been a leading advocate of environmental innovation and a pioneer in sustainable business development for over 20 years.

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Randy Hanna, Jim Gabriel and Matt Wells

ARCHITECTS hanna gabriel wells is an Architectural, Site Design and Interior Design studio. We assist our clients in the creation of collaborative environments that support idea development, healthy living, and community.

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Dr. Ann Clark

Founder and CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits, Dr. Clark has continually led ACI into the nationís Top Ten ranking of the largest EAP providers.

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Matt Greene

Matt Greene is the Founder/CEO of Business Networking organization, 6 Degrees.

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Ken Turek

Kenneth C. Turek is an award-winning trial attorney, speaker and comedian.

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Rory Moore

Rory Moore is the CEO of CommNexus San Diego. He was also the seed round investor, co-founder of Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. and the seed round investor and founding CEO of Silicon Wave, Inc.

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