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Allan Camaisa


Allan Camaisa bootstrapped and sold several technology companies to large public corporations. High Technology Solutions (HTS) was a systems integrator with over 50M in revenues and recognized as an INC 500 company three years in a row. HTS sold to Wireless Facilities, Inc. (now KRATOS). Anakam, Inc., a software security company, was recognized as an INC 500 ( one of the fastest growing companies in the US) and was sold to Equifax, Inc. in 2010.

Allan won the Ernst and Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year in the Internet /Software Category while leading HTS from a small two person California company to one with 500 employees across the United States. Allan Camaisa has received various awards from Tech America, the US Small Business Association, the Asian Business Association and Deloitte.

Allan Camaisa is also the publisher of Risen Magazine and founded Risen Media, LLC to provide resources to promote and produce independent, faith-based, family-friendly films and projects. Risen Media recently backed movies such as “Soul Surfer,” “Knots” (New release), “The Sorrow” (New release) and “Hardflip” (new release). Risen Media also assists in the distribution of these films.

Allan Camaisa is a U. S. Navy veteran, having spent 7 years as a Surface Warfare Officer in the Persian Gulf. He is a graduate of both the U. S. Naval Academy and the Harvard Business School OPM Program. He is on the Board of Trustees of La Jolla Community Church and involved with various non-profits such as Water for Life, Turning Point Ministries, Edify, and Risen Project. A native San Diegan, his family resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California.


May 2nd, 2013

01: Top 10 Landmines. Let's Review.

Over the last 6 weeks, Brian has been sharing pieces of his upcoming book that are all about Portfolio Landmines and how to find and disarm them before they explode when the next financial crisis hits. He reviews the top 10 landmines we’ve studied so far on the show.

02: Landmine #17: Not Putting Your Best Players on the Field.

Most people fund their most important retirement vehicle, their 401k, without knowing which mutual funds are ranked the best! Brian explains the best way to disarm this landmine is to obtain rankings and use your best players. Brian introduces Publisher of Risen Magazine, CEO of Risen Media and Executive Chairman of Parallel 6, Allan Camaisa. Brian asks Allan what his life was like before Risen Magazine, when he was a successful software company builder.

03: Risen Magazine, Inspiring Readers by Sharing Today’s Heroes' Journeys.

Allan Camaisa, Publisher of Risen Magazine and CEO of Risen Media, talks about the 2 technology companies he built and sold to large public companies, both were separately recognized as INC 500 magazines qualifiers. Allan also talks about Risen Magazine, which is about celebrities and non-celebrities’ testimonials and the spiritual side to them, rather than their material things.

04: Allan Understand that Life Really is More than Just about Money.

Allan Camaisa, Publisher of Risen Magazine and CEO of Risen Media, talks about the outreach strategy of Risen Magazine and how it’s trying to change the culture that the youth is being forcefully submerged into. Allan discusses his new passion, Risen Media, on a mission to provide faith-based, family-friendly films and media to the world. Brian asks Allan what he sees as the next goal for Risen Media and what other non-profits he is passionate about.

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