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Rory Moore


Rory Moore is the CEO of CommNexus San Diego and was the seed round investor, co-founder of Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: PSMI), one of the world’s leading providers of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for the wireless communications and aerospace markets. Peregrine ships millions of chips every week to cell phone manufacturers around the globe. Rory was also the seed round investor and founding CEO of Silicon Wave, Inc., now owned by Qualcomm. Silicon Wave produced the world’s first Bluetooth chips. Bluetooth chips are now in over a billion devices from cell phones to automobiles. Rory was a cofounder of, and Optical River. In addition, he is co-chair of the Military Special Interest Group and a member of the NextStage committee. A University of Michigan alum, Rory’s other interests include angel investing, competition aerobatic flying, scuba diving and surfing.


June 20th, 2013

01: Real Economics Always Win

The financial market seems to be panicking from the cryptic comments of Chairman Ben Bernanke at this week’s Fed meetings. Bernanke indicated that if the economy continues its slow recovery, he might be able to back off his $85 billion per month artificial stimulation plan. As many markets are plunging today, are investors over-reacting with their fear of a world with less American dollars being pumped into the system or is this the beginning of a long overdue market correction? Brian explains that in the long run, real economics always trump government policy and manipulations.

02: Remember the rule: Bubbles cannot be re-inflated once they burst, only new ones can be created.

The world may seem like it’s gone mad, but Brian assures that the fundamentals will rule. At some point, stock prices will likely be much lower, gold will likely be much higher and real estate will not recover back to its artificially inflated numbers of 2006, which was caused by a bubble, not real economics. Brian welcomes Rory Moore, CEO of CommNexus, a non-profit organization that helps to accelerate the formation, growth and success of technology companies in Southern California, to the show.

03: CommNexus, Creating Jobs and Changing the World

Brian asks Rory Moore, CEO of CommNexus, what motivated him to dedicate his time to being CEO of CommNexus and helping entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas but without means for success. Rory explains that while he was on the board of CommNexus, they saw venture capital drying up and quality engineers being laid off in San Diego. He talks about the totally pro bono incubator they developed 3 ½ years ago, in order to put engineers back to work and develop new companies. After achieving financial success himself, Rory took on the role of CEO, and he and his team at CommNexus have created over 600 high value technical jobs in San Diego in the last 2 ½ years.

04: Is the CommNexus Incubator the New Silicon Valley?

Rory Moore, CEO of CommNexus, tells Brian that in their last round, they had 139 start-up companies apply to enter their incubator because of CommNexus’ astounding success rate. They’ve raised over $150 million of capital for the incubator companies, while they’re in the incubator and after they’ve graduated. Brian asks Rory what his long-term vision for CommNexus is, as CEO.

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