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Dr. Ann Clark

"There is always a solution to workplace challenges"

Founder and CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits, Dr. Clark has continually led ACI into the nation’s Top Ten ranking of the largest EAP providers. As an experienced mental health professional and Fortune 500 consultant, Dr. Clark revolutionized the benefits industry by creating health solutions for the workplace that effectively and simultaneously addressed behavioral, emotional and physical health needs. She created the award-winning “GetFit Cell Phone Diet” and numerous other innovative products designed to increase workforce health and productivity. Recently named the Benefit and Compensation Solution Magazine’s “Benefits Superstar,” Dr. Clark is committed to improving the quality of life for the nation’s workforce and families by leading the innovation and delivery of specialty benefits for corporations worldwide.

Dr. Clark is also a best-selling author, accomplished motivational speaker, lecturer, and commentator. She was named one of San Diego’s “Women Who Mean Business” by the San Diego Business Journal and received the “Bravo” award for excellence from the National Association of Women Business Owners. Her extensive published works include Citadel Press’ best-seller, Surviving Your Boss, Looking Good, Alone but Not Lonely, Surrender to Win and Single Parent Families.


July 18th, 2013

01: Tell-Tale Signs of a Bursting Bubble

The Dow Jones and the S&P500 are breaking new highs, while we have seen barely any economic growth and prosperity improvement. How do you know when a market is a bubble that’s close to bursting? Brian goes over the tell-tale signs that seem to occur close to the top of bubbles.

02: Does Your Company Offer a Brokerage Window?

The challenge for employees and employers is that many 401k’s don’t offer the top performing funds available, especially with big companies. Brian explains that there is something called a brokerage window that allows you to expand your existing investment options beyond the limited menu of mutual funds that your company 401k currently offers you. Brian welcomes best-selling author, Dr. Ann Clark, Founder and CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits, to the show. ACI Specialty Benefits is built around helping other companies create healthier and happier work forces.

03: The Healthiest Company in San Diego

Dr. Ann Clark, Founder and CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits, named “San Diego’s Healthiest Company” by the San Diego Business Journal, shares a shocking statistic: 83% of employees hate their jobs. ACI attempts to look for the real causes of dissatisfaction in a workplace, and their Employee Assistance Programs, including health and wellness programs, help solve problems that interfere with performance and productivity. Dr. Clark tells Brian that 99.9% of ACI employees like their jobs because they are given jobs based on personality types, therefore creating happiness.

04: ACI Has All the Bases Covered

Dr. Ann Clark, Founder and CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits, discusses the different services they provide to businesses and schools. ACI provides employees with the tools they need to confront their problems in the workplace, offer training for people in leadership positions, put on seminars to discuss key issues, and also provide confidential counseling for employees. Dr. Clark explains the tests they use to figure out an ideal personality fit for each position at ACI as well at their client businesses.

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