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David Saltman


David Saltman has been a leading advocate of environmental innovation and a pioneer in sustainable business development for over 20 years. He is the founder of Malama Composites, manufacturer of rigid urethane foams made from bio-based, renewable resources. Prior to this, he was CEO of Open Energy Corporation that created building-integrated photovoltaic tiles and solar glass products. He served as Chief Marketing Officer of Flexform Technologies, the first natural fiber composites company in North America.

Flexform® enabled engineers at Ford, GM, Chrysler and BMW to produce automotive interiors that were stronger, lighter, less expensive and more easily recycled than glass reinforced plastics. Saltman served on the Presidential task force that developed green procurement guidelines for the federal government. He has receiving awards from the American Marketing Association, the National Recycling Coalition, and the American Composites Manufacturing Association. He was a founding member of CleanTech San Diego and former executive director of the Surfrider Foundation.


August 15th, 2013

01: India Takes it to a Whole New Level

As gold continues to try and stage a possible recovery, India, concerned about the falling value of its currency, the Rupee, has now banned its citizens from buying any gold from outside the country. Brian explains why India would choose to penalize their citizens rather than trying to improve their economy. Will the Indian government’s attempt to curb its citizens’ love for gold affect the future price of gold?

02: A Pioneer in Sustainable Energy

With gold being up 14% and countries like India, who try to manipulate their currency to create an illusion of a stronger economy, gold’s almost forbidden status around the globe may work in its favor. Brian welcomes David Saltman, CEO & Chairman of Malama Composites, Inc., a start-up company that develops rigid urethane foams made from natural bio-based, renewable resources. David explains what his motivation was for starting Malama and how his products are cost and performance competitive with traditional petroleum-based foams, but far less toxic and more easily recycled.

03: Better, Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper, then Green

David Saltman, CEO & Chairman of Malama Composites, Inc., began with the small niche surfboard industry, but the best and highest use of urethane foams is in homes, green homes and buildings, where the value of that foam is to insulate and save energy. David explains that this is a new way of building our future with healthier and safer shelter systems at a fraction of the cost.

04: Changing the World

David Saltman, CEO & Chairman of Malama Composites, Inc., talks about the major projects they have in the works with some major partners, such as World Bank. He explains that San Diego is a center for innovation, and he and his team are bringing innovative technologies in building materials and strategies to areas all over the world that can skip the way we’ve been wastefully building under-performing homes.

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