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Bryan Hertz


Bryan Hertz, CEO and Co-founder of Voxox, is a successful entrepreneur, bringing more than 20 years of experience in building companies and management teams, raising capital and driving technology innovation for Fortune 500 banks, insurance companies and data processing facilities. Bryan entered the telecom industry in 2006 and created Voxox to fulfill his vision to unify personal and business communications on a global basis. Today award-winning Voxox solutions are used in over 200 countries by consumers and businesses.


September 26th, 2013

01: How to use your caveman brain to build your portfolio.

Since prehistoric times, people have been wired to survive, and this hard-wiring didn't just disappear as we evolved. Brian explains that running with the herd can now be working against you and it is now a proven fact that how you react to risk and monetary pain will dictate your financial success.

02: This is where most investors and advisors go wrong.

Brian explains that you need to understand the way your personal brain is wired to tolerate pain and then build your investment strategy around those tolerances. Brian introduces a tool that allows you to test your pain tolerance so it’s not a roll of the dice when everything goes south. Brian also welcomes CEO and Co-founder of Voxox, Brian Hertz, to the show.

03: "The End All, Be All Solution"

Communication for consumers has become more about instantaneous gratification, but it has become very fragmented. Bryan Hertz, CEO and Co-founder of Voxox, explains how Voxox handles the many problems of fragmented communication for you, by putting all of its competitors in one place, allowing you to communicate with everybody you’d like without having to think about which platform they are using.

04: Maintaining the start-up feel

Bryan Hertz, CEO and Co-founder of Voxox, talks about how communicating abroad is simpler than ever with Voxox. He also describes the corporate culture that they created when Voxox was still a start-up and how they maintain it today. Brian asks Bryan how he balances running a successful company while being a successful husband and father.

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