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Dr. Beth Anne Baber

I envisioned an institute that would work with the biomedical community to find therapies that would reduce the severity of side-effects from cancer treatments and provide a better quality of life for children with cancer.

Dr. Beth Anne Baber, co-founder, CEO and president of The Nicholas Conor Institute, has dedicated her life to finding better cancer treatments for children like her son Conor.

Dr. Baber has more than 20 years of academic experience in molecular biology, neurobiology, cell biology, developmental biology, cancer biology, and signal transduction. Her research focused on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in DNA damage repair following treatment with radiation and chemo-therapeutic agents. Her work in DNA damage signaling has led to publications in major scientific journals, including Nature and Science. The National Institute of Health, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Beckman Laser Institute funded Dr. Baber’s research initiatives.

While at the Salk Institute, her son, Nicholas Conor, was diagnosed in 2005 with high-risk neuroblastoma. Dr. Baber and her husband, Michael N. Boddy (a Faculty member at The Scripps Research Institute), challenged the current treatment protocol for high-risk MYC-N non-amplified neuroblastoma patients by tailoring their son's therapy based on molecular markers versus relying on clinical pathology. As a result, Nicholas Conor has been cancer free for 5 years with no detectable long-term side effects. In 2007 following her son’s treatment, Dr. Baber co-founded TNCI. While completing her MBA studies at the UCSD Rady School of Management, she developed an innovative business model, TACTiCTM (The Acceleration of Cancer Treatments in Children), to move discoveries that would benefit children with cancer out of academia and into commercialization. TACTiCTM has been featured in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Personalized Medicine publications, the Burrill Report, California Health Institute’s Biomedical Industry 2010 Report, and FasterCures’ Partnering for Cures 2010 conference. Dr. Baber is an inaugural member of the TNCI Board of Directors, served as VP of Operations from 2007 to 2009 and currently, the Institute’s CEO. Under her leadership, TNCI has formed collaborations with AltheaDx, CollabRx, GeneKey, Life Technologies, Gydle, Molecular Response, National Cancer Institute and CureSearch for Children’s Cancer.

Dr. Baber received a DLA Piper-Athena Full Scholarship to attend the UCSD Rady School of Management where she earned her MBA (Business Development and Marketing) in 2009. Additionally, she holds a PhD (Macromolecular Cellular Structure and Chemistry) from The Scripps Research Institute - La Jolla Kellogg School of Science and Technology, a Masters in Microbiology and Immunology from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a Bachelors of Science (Biology) from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


January 25, 2012

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