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Chad Ruyle

We strive to help people understand their rights and know their options.

Chad Ruyle has been making national news as co-founder of You Walk Away, a foreclosure agency helping people understand their options when faced with difficult situations and allowing them to take control of their future.

Chad Ruyle, a La Jolla native, is an attorney at Ruyle & Ruyle where his practice focuses on Estate Planning. Chad is a frequent lecturer and published author in the trusts and estates field. Recently, Chad is making national news as co-founder of You Walk Away, a foreclosure agency that strives to help people understand their options when they are faced with this difficult situation. Receiving press from newspapers to magazines and nightly news, this timely organization has helped over 4,000 homeowners since 2007. You Walk Away guides homeowners through the complex foreclosure process, giving them tools, resources, and personalized plans allowing them to take control of their future. The team at You Walk Away includes both legal and real estate experts with over 50 years of combined experience.

Chad is a Principal at Ruyle & Ruyle, practicing in Estate Planning, Transfer Tax (Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping), Business Succession, Charitable Planning and Asset Protection. He advises clients with regard to their basic estate plans (Trust, Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives), as well as assisting his clients in evaluating and implementing various sophisticated and complex transfer tax strategies such as Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Qualified Personal Residence Trusts, Installment Sales to Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trusts, Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, Charitable Trusts and Buy-Sell Agreements. He also helps clients to protect and preserve assets through Domestic and Foreign Asset Protection Trusts as well as Dynasty Trusts.

Chad helped to found PEERS, an organization which is comprised of local business owners who are dedicated to giving back to San Diego. In addition to helping each member grow in the business world, the organization volunteers their time and commits their donor advised funds and event proceeds to various local charities.

Chad is a published author and frequent lecturer for Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Insurance Professionals and Financial Advisors. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Sociology from Baylor University (2000), and a Juris Doctor degree from California Western School of Law (2003). He is a member of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Estate Planning and Tax Sections of the California and San Diego Bar Association.


July 25, 2012

01: Are We On The Road To Recovery?

The stock market is back to its pre-crash levels of May 2008 and is only 9.8% away from its all time high, so what does that mean for you as a smart and level-thinking investor? Is it time to get in before it's too late? Has our economy really started to recover? Find out the answers here.

02: Old School Secrets Of The Wealthy

With the stock market less than 10% away from it's all time high, you might be asking yourself if it's time to jump in or add more. So should you be buying stocks? What about bonds? How about gold, oil, and real estate? With all of the choices out there, what do you do? Listen to find out how America's wealthiest investors made their fortunes and how they did it by doing the exact opposite of asset allocation and diversification. Get ready for a mind blow!

03: The Shadow Inventory Market

Chad Ruyle, voted San Diego's top estate planning attorney for 2012 and the co-founder of a, a company that helps people make the right moves when it comes to foreclosure, is welcomed back to the show. Listen as Brian and Chad engage in an informative discussion about the current state of the real estate market and why banks will prevent prices from rising for years to come.

04: Short Sale Tax Liability Secrets

Brian talks with estate planning attorney Chad Ruyle about the expiration of the Debt Relief Act that could spell big trouble for people who sell short or foreclose after 2012. Tune in to find out what you need to be doing now to protect yourself and your assets.

March 7, 2012

01: What Are The Headline Numbers Not Telling You?

During the last 5 months the market has reacted positively to bits and pieces of so called “good news” but what are the headline numbers not telling you? Brian gives you the hardcore truth and the information you need to make good decisions with your money.

02: Why Investors Need To Be Careful With Appearances.

Are the economic numbers being manipulated to create the appearance of a recovery or are we really on the upswing? Find out how revisions of economic numbers and new formulas for 2012 have twisted reality a bit and why you need to be careful. Appearances can be deceiving!

03: Chad Ruyle, CEO and Co-Founder Of You Walk Away, Arms You With Foreclosure Information That Banks Would Prefer You Didn't Have.

Brian welcomes Chad Ruyle, CEO and Co-Founder of You Walk Away, a foreclosure resource company that has made national headlines. Chad discusses the various options available for homeowners when dealing with foreclosures, short sales or loan modifications. Learn how foreclosures really affect your credit report and arm yourself with the knowledge that banks would prefer you didn't have.

04: Chad Ruyle Talks About Homeowner Rights During The Foreclosure Process.

CEO and Co-Founder of You Walk Away, Chad Ruyle, discusses how every homeowner facing foreclosure needs a foreclosure kit before they start spending their money for advice. Learn about homeowner rights, what a typical time-line looks like in the process, and how to find a qualified attorney in your area.

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