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Bob Fuchs & Ken Farinsky

We want a village planned in cooperation with the community that benefits everyone.

What Price Main Street is a citizens’ effort organized to educate the community about the real facts and likely impacts following the development of One Paseo, a mixed-use project proposed for the intersection of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real.

Bob Fuchs and Ken Farinsky are volunteers who donate their time to the community organization which was founded by Bob Fuchs several years ago to act as a watchdog group against over zealous development in Carmel Valley, specifically the One Paseo project being proposed by Los Angeles developer, Kilroy Realty Corporation. Bob Fuchs has spent 40-years in commercial real estate lending and is an office tenant and homeowner in Carmel Valley. Ken Farinsky is on the Carmel Valley Planning Board and is also a long-time Carmel Valley community volunteer and resident. What Price Main Street was organized to counteract a campaign of misinformation promoted by the One Paseo project's developer.

In 2007, Kilroy Realty Corporation purchased the 22.8-acre site on the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real in the heart of Carmel Valley for nearly $88 million. The site is Carmel Valley's last sizeable undeveloped parcel of commercial property. Since that time, the developer has marketed its One Paseo-Main Street project concept by sending a glossy 20-page brochure to every household in Carmel Valley, publishing a slick web site, and hosting countless public meetings serving meals or refreshments.

The marketing promotion focuses on the "neighboring gathering place" aspect of the proposed development through a series of contemporary, lifestyle artist renderings portraying selective views designed to minimize the scale of the project. The promotional materials fail to provide any details from which one could understand that the Main Plaza represents only 4.5% of the site area and the supporting retail uses represent less than 15% of the total building area. There is no mention of the total size of the proposed project, which is nearly 4X greater than the current allowable building area, nor that the height of the 10-story office and 10-story residential buildings far exceed the heights of any similar-use building in Carmel Valley, nor any details regarding the additional traffic generation by this requested increase in in allowable building area and change in use.

What Price Main Street is committed to providing information about the developer's proposed project and its likely impacts to the community. Their group consists of citizens who believe that future development should be consistent with Carmel Valley's community character and within the traffic and infrastructure capacity set forth in the current community plan. Their group is not seeking to eliminate or reduce existing entitlements for the property but is working to ensure that the density, traffic and parking envisioned in the community plan are adhered to.

Until the recent outreach to the community by the What Price Main Street committee, the only public input that the Planning Department was hearing about the Main Street project was the developer stating that the comments it has received are overwhelmingly positive. The recent influx of opposing comments has shown the claim of overwhelming positive support to be false, but the fight is far from over.


June 6, 2012

Glossy Brochures And Slick Marketing Campaigns May Not Tell The Whole Story

Kilroy Realty Corporation has proposed the largest density increase ever considered in Carmel Valley's 30+-year history. Brian introduces a well-organized citizens’ group founded by Carmel Valley residents called What Price Main Street that is opposed to the size and scope of the development. Listen to a heated debate over the facts around the One Paseo proposed development.

The Battle Between Over-Development And Smart-Development

The discussion gets heated as Brian takes the side of the developer (who cancelled his show appearance shortly before the broadcast) and challenges the What Price Main Street team as to why this project can't work for Carmel Valley.

What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Your New Trader Joe's?

People who are in favor of the One Paseo project site benefits such as Trader Joe's and other specialty retailers. Bob Fuchs and Ken Farinsky go deep into the effects that this mega-project will have on the community and the ultimate cost of a few more services and conveniences.

All That Glitters Might Not Be Gold

Kilroy Realty Corporation claims that One Paseo will generate $4.3 million in gross annual revenues for local government, $755 million in total economic activity for the region, and the creation of approximately 2,300 permanent jobs minimizing the devastating effects that a mega-project will have on the community. Decide for yourself if the pros outweigh the cons.

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