Which electric shaver shaves the closest

Shaving is known as the removal of hair. It is done with the help of a razor or any other tool or bladed equipment. Razor is used to cut the hair down to the level of our skin or up to some length.Which electric shaver shaves the closest

The process of shaving is generally practiced by men to cut their facial hair. It is also practiced by women to remove their leg and underarm hair. Men and women shave their chest hair, abdominal hair, underarm hair or leg hair.

Head shaving is common amongst men. Head shaving is associated with competitive sports like swimming, running and extreme sports, religious practices and the armed forces. The cut down of full beard frequently requires the use of scissors or an electric trimmer.

Types of Razors:

It is required to decrease the mass of hair, which simplifies the process. Shaving is done with the help of straight razor or safety razor. It can also be done by electric razor or beard trimmer.

The straight razors are manufactured in Sheffield, England. It is being manufactured since the eighteenth century.

The estimate by Charles de Zemler of New York City, stated that the barber’s shaving revenue had dropped from 50 percent from the time of the Spanish-American War to ten percent in the year 1939.

This happened due to the generation of the electric razor and the safety razor.

Electric Shaving:

A shaver is recognized as the person who shaves, or any object which shaves. The electric shaver comprises of a set of rotating or oscillating razorblades. These razorblades are held behind a perforated metal screen.

Each design has the optimum motion over the skin of human body. The design is provided for best shave. Usually, the circular or the cylindrical blades move in the circular motion. The oscillating blades move in the left or right direction.

The major drawback of the electric shaver is that it doesn’t cut the whiskers as closely as the razor shaving does. The electric shaver requires electricity.

Electric shaver with closest shaves:

The advantages of the electric shaver comprise of the fewer cuts to the skin, quicker shaving and it doesn’t require the water or lather supply. The cost of the electric shaver is high.

The shaver model Braun 9290cc gives the closest shave. The type of model Braun 9290cc is foil type with the Syncro SonicTM shaving system.

The run time of the electric shaver 9290cc is 50 minutes.

The second ranking model Philips Norelco S9721/89 has the rotary type blades. The shaving system of this model is Contour Detect. It has the running time of 50 minutes as well.

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The initial cost of the electric shaver is high but the long-term cost is significantly lower. The cutting parts do not require the replacement for almost eighteen months.

The Hitachi company produces foil type of shavers. It is maintained by the rotary blade which operates similarly to the blade assemblage of a reel-type lawn mower.


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